WBro Maxwell Millward Leese presented with cheque at his last Area 3 meeting.

WBro Maxwell Millward Leese,  PSGD,  Assistant Provincial Grand Master for Area 3 (right) receives a cheque from WBro Adrian Morgan, PPrSGW, Chairman of Area 3, at the last Area  Committee meeting he would attend as the APGM for Area 3 before he leaves the position on 27th May 2014.

The cheque, for £250 came from Lodges throughout the Area and was given on the condition that it is spent on golf equipment, a sport which he enjoys as much as his Freemasonry.

In a speech to the brethren at the meeting at Middlewich Masonic Hall on 7th April, he thanked the lodges and brethren for their generosity and mentioned his wife Judith especially for her support during the last four years that he has been in office.  He remarked to the brethren that no matter what their rank, all masons get the same salary to do the job and that he had greatly enjoyed his time with Area 3 and hoped that he had made a difference.