WBro Geoff Worsley’s 50th Anniversary. Affinity Lodge No 4872

On Tuesday October 24th 2017 the brethren of Affinity Lodge 4872 were joined by WBro Adrian Davies, APGM accompanied by a delegation of Provincial officers to celebrate the 50th anniversary of WBro Geoff Worsley PProvJGD.

WBro Andrew Steeles, WM of Affinity, gladly vacated the Chair of King Solomon to allow WBro Davies to conduct the very interesting personal and Masonic history of WBro Geoff in a most excellent and touching manner.

One of the most interesting points in WBro Geoff’s history was his key role as the main Architect in the redevelopment of the Masonic Hall and the building of the Provincial offices at Clay Lane, Timperley. Talk about the perfect job for a Mason!!

The WM thanked WBro Davies on behalf of all those present for his attendance and for performing such an excellent ceremony.

A Masonic Pocket Watch was then presented to WBro Geoff by the WM on behalf of the Lodge members as a small reminder of reaching such a milestone in Freemasonry, and to help make sure that he is never late for a meeting!!

The “Birthday Boy” was then delighted to present the APGM with a cheque for £200.00 for charity, which was gratefully received.

Just when the APGM thought that his work was done for the evening, the Secretary, WBro Ray Howarth, announced that he was now in possession Bro Thomas Smith’s Grand Lodge Certificate which was duly presented and then explained to the delight of everyone present.

The lodge then retired to the Social Board so that WBro Geoff could continue to enjoy his very special evening.