WBro Bob Jenner – 60 years in Masonry – to the day!

WBro Robert Stanley (Bob) Jenner PPrSGW (E Lancs), age 97 years celebrated being initiated into Freemasonry exactly 60 years to the day after his initiation into Fellowship Lodge 3650 in East Lancashire on 16th January 1958.
Now a member of Townfield De Tatton Lodge No 2144 meeting at Sale, Bob was the amazing celebrant on Tuesday 16th January 2018 when the Deputy Provincial Grand Master VWB David Victor Dyson, PSGD and Assistant Provincial Grand Master WBro Adrian Davies, PSGD helped his Lodge mark this very special and rare occasion.

The world was a very different place when Bob was born on 29th July 1920 in the East End of London. That year was the occasion of the first Scout Jamboree at the Crystal Palace and the time when the British Empire was at its largest covering 33 million square miles and 423m peoples in the different countries. What Bob remembers most vividly about his childhood is how quiet and peaceful everywhere was. Very little traffic, lots of bird song, no mobile phones – indeed very few phones at all! As a young man of 17 he lined the route of the coronation of King George VI in 1937 and saw service in the army between 1941 and 1946 serving in many parts of the conflict. Bob married Kathleen in 1942 and they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary just before Kathleen sadly died.

WBro Harry Knapton Prov SGW, VWBro David Dyson DProvGM, WBro Bob Jenner, WBro Dave Elly WM, WBro Adrian Davies AProvGM and WBro Andy Bailey ProvJGW

Bob moved to Sale in 1947 and worked for the Carborundum Company in Trafford Park where he was responsible for installing their very first computer and also writing the programme for it. He recalls visiting the company HQ in Niagara, USA where he was able to walk inside their huge valve computers which were then water cooled! During his many business trips to the USA he has visited and toured the Pentagon, dining with four and five star Generals and been given a private tour of the UN building.

Bob was Worshipful Master in his East Lancashire Lodge in 1969 and in 2005 he joined Townfield Lodge 7024 and celebrated his 50th anniversary with them prior to its amalgamation in 2013 into Townfield De Tatton Lodge 2144. He has a remarkable attendance record and came to every regular and practice meeting until he moved into sheltered accommodation in Bowdon in the last year. A keen Royal Arch Mason, he celebrated 50 years in the Royal Arch last year at Stamford Chapter 1045 in Altrincham where he holds the highest rank of PPrGSN.
Responding to his toast at the Social Board following the meeting, his exceptional sense of humour and comic wit was in evidence and earned him a very fond standing ovation from all those present.