The New Apprentice Meets The Lost Apprentice.

Another new candidate for De Sala Lodge no 5657, sees the Sale based lodge going from strength to strength! With the latest addition, this will take the tally of junior brethren up to twelve, with more initiates on the horizon as well.

On Friday 5th May, Bro Paul Allman the newly made Entered Apprentice, had the pleasure of joining on the same night as the arrival of the newly claimed ‘Lost Apprentice’. Bro. Stephen Jones, another entered apprentice, presented the ‘Lost Apprentice’ to their Worshipful Master, W.Bro.Hakim Senane.

L to R Bro. John Preston, Bro. Paul Allman ,Bro. Steve Watkins, Bro. Mike O’Brien  W.Bro Hakim Senane (W.M.), Bro. Stephen Jones (with lost apprentice),Bto. Stephen Tannahill, Bro Mark Benson and Bro. Jeff Jones

The junior brethren are all members of the Master Masons Forum and are actively involved with encouraging other junior brethren to embrace the visiting spirit. The ‘Lost Apprentice’ has already created interest from other lodges across Cheshire and will no doubt be claimed once again in the near future.