The Lost Apprentice Finds a New Home at De Sala Lodge No. 5657

De Sala Lodge No. 5657 from Sale, Cheshire, visits Thermopylae Lodge No. 4386 at Clifton Road in Birkenhead.

De Sala Lodge and their new Entered Apprentice Bro Stephen Jones, laid claim to the ‘Lost Apprentice’. Their aim is to mentor him until he is claimed by another visiting lodge at a future date.

An exchange in the lodge room was followed by a wonderful social board, where brethren from Area 2 and Area 3 enjoyed good conversation and humour in a very Masonic fashion.

At the end of the evening the ‘Lost Apprentice’ had achieved his goal of bringing brethren together and helping to form friendships that will last for many years to come.

Left to Right:- Bro Paul Forshaw (Entered Apprentice in Mersey Lodge), Bro Mark Peckham (Thermopylae Lodge), Bro Joe Richardson (Thermopylae Lodge), Bro Mike O’Brien (De Sala Lodge), Bro Stephen Jones (Entered Apprentice in De Sala Lodge), Bro Wayne Dwyer (WM in Thermopylae Lodge), Bro Scott Peckham (Thermopylae Lodge), Bro John Taylor (Thermopylae Lodge).