The Royal Arch introductory playlet, ‘Talking Heads’ was performed at John Brunner Lodge No 2799 in Middlewich on Wednesday 15th March.

The dialogue is intended to introduce the Royal Arch to the Master Mason and to encourage and stimulate the interest of those already in this beautiful Order. The playlet features two Masons who ‘act out’ the roles of a fairly new Master Mason and an experienced Past Master who is a member of the Royal Arch.

At John Brunner Lodge, there were 17 guests at the meeting who had come to see the event and a lively question and answer session followed the presentation which was enacted in the presence of WBro Adrian Davies PSGD, APGM for Area 3 and WBro Barry William Jobber, AGChap, who is the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal in Royal Arch as well as WBro Stephen Teare, PAGDC, who is the APGP for Area 4.

Front WBro Adrian Davies and WBro Barry Jobber,
Back row Presentation team – Wbro’s John Williams, Geoff Perkins, Dave Palin and Andy Bailey

The final chance to see ‘Talking Heads’ in Area 3 is on Thursday 13th April at Townfield De Tatton Lodge No 2144 at Sale, contact the Secretary WBro Steve Gradon at or see the poster in Upcoming Events on this website.