Stamford Chapter No. 1045 – E Comp Stanley Robert Jenner Celebrates 50 years in the Royal Arch

On Monday 27th March at Clay Lane Masonic Hall in Altrincham, E Comp Stanley Robert Bob Jenner PProvGSN (Province of East Lancashire) celebrated 50 years in the Royal Arch.

After E Comp John Williams opened the chapter, the Deputy Grand Superintendent E Comp John Robert Bramley PGSwdB entered the Chapter and was proffered the sceptre

E Comp John Robert Bramley, DepGSupt then conducted an extensive history of E Comp Bob’s Non-Masonic and Masonic career.

In short, E Comp Bob, 96 years, was born on the 29th July 1920 within the sounds of Bow Bells and so is a true Cockney. In 1947, after serving in the war, E Comp Bob moved to Sale to work at the Carborundum Company Ltd in Trafford Park, managing the new and pioneering computer system.  Later in E Comp Bob’s career he headed a management audit team reviewing manufacturing plants and marketing subsidiaries in 10 countries.

E Comp Bob was exalted into The Fellowship Chapter No. 3650 on the 6th January 1967, joined Yarborough Chapter No. 633 in 2007 and then Stamford Chapter No. 1045 in 2011.

During the ceremony E Comp Bob was invested by the Deputy Grand Superintendent with the very prestigious rank of PProvGSN in the Province of Cheshire. E Comp Bob received this honour with great pleasure and gratitude.

E Comp John Robert Bramley then handed back the sceptre to the MEZ, E Comp John Williams, who in turn presented him the following cheques: –

  • Cheshire Freemasons’ Charity £250
  • TLC £100.

Dignitaries and Chapter Members

Front Row (Seated)

E Comp Simon James Palfreyman PGStB, APGP Area 3, E Comp Mark Sellers (J), E Comp Howard Kings (H), E Comp John W Williams (MEZ), E Comp John Robert Bramley PGSwdB, DepGSupt, E Comp Philip Edward Rowland PGStB, 2ndProvGP, EComp The Rev Barry William Jobber, 3rd ProvGP, EComp Stephen Charles Teare PGStB, AProvGP Area 4, EComp David Allen Williams PGStB, AProvGP Area 5.

Accompanied by other distinguished guests and members of the Chapter.

 Chapter Members

Front Row

E Comp Martin Barlow PGStB, Comp Paul D Bradley, E Comp Brian Mayoh PGStB, E Comp Howard Kings (H), E Comp John W Williams (MEZ), E Comp Bob Jenner PProvGSN, E Comp Mark Sellers (J), E Comp Eric Harlin PProvAGSoj, E Comp Roger Bugler PProvGSN, E Comp Ray Howarth PPrAGDC.

Accompanied by other members of the Chapter.