Sincerity Lodge No. 428 – initiation

On this happy occasion Bro Iain Harben was well and truly initiated into masonry by Bro Ian MacDonald and his team.

After the well performed ceremony, the evening continued into an enjoyable social board which was appreciated by all those present.

Left to right:- WBro R.D. Kirkpatrick, WBro S.C. Johnson, WBro W.D. Wilson, WBro K. Hunt, WBro Dr. K.E. Brooke, WBro D.J. Duane, Bro I. MacDonald (WM), Bro Iain Harben (Candidate), WBro M. W. Cooper, WBro T. D. Cross, WBro R.G. Howell, WBro M.F. Shields, WBro D. Wheeler, Bro A. Thomson.