Samaritan Lodge No. 368 – Second-Degree Ceremony of Bro Simon Harrison and Preparation for Great Queen Street in London

Samaritan Lodge based at Sandbach is one of Cheshire’s few Luna Lodges and was formed in 1821, where members made their way by the light of a full moon through fields and lanes to their Lodge for an evening of enjoyment.

The same applies today, the enjoyment factor has been retained and enhanced with members now travel from near and far to their Lodge by car.

On Wednesday 25th April 2018 the passing ceremony was no exception, members and guests were treated to a spectacular second-degree ceremony where their newest member Bro Simon Harrison was passed with flying colours.

No wonder the Lodge was full as members brought guests from all over Cheshire and surrounding Provinces to witness a word-perfect ceremony presented with dignity, passion and enthusiasm.

Director of Ceremonies Sebastian Daly said “it was a pre-run for the second-degree ceremony to be held at Great Queen Street on 18th August this year where I have been invited to present the Tracing Board.”

Members and guests were amazed at the quality of the presentation, complete with board and easel Sebastian pointed out various elements of the Tracing Board in a style that left Past Masters, Grand Officers and Visitors speechless and full of admiration.  After the meeting everyone attended the Festive Board to be proud of with an exceptional meal.

The ceremony was a spectacular prelude to the standard to be demonstrated on the 18th August at Great Queen Street in London. Cheshire masons are urged to make application for their tickets before there is a sell-out.  Coaches will be leaving from all quarters of the Province, members are urged to make application now at

Look for the posters and displays at all Cheshire Masonic Halls or contact your Area APGM or Chairman.

Left to Right: – Bro Karl Beattie (SD), Bro D Platt (SW), Bro Simon Harrison (Candidate), WBro R Head (Master), Bro D Morris (JW), Bro Sebastian Daly (DC), Bro R Beckett (JD).