Samaritan Lodge No. 368 Attend the MMF UGLE 2018 event at the Freemasons’ Hall, in London

The Samaritan Lodge demonstrate their commitment to supporting the MMF fund and to witness the ceremony of Passing at the Freemasons’ Hall in London.

The ceremony was conducted by 22 volunteer members of the Masters’ & Masons’ Forum from Lodges across the Province of Cheshire. The team shared the work performing a precise and well-rehearsed Second Degree Ceremony of Emulation Ritual.

The eight members of Samaritan Lodge had a fantastic time and considered the long day well worth it.

As WBro Keith Roden said ‘It was a very good day’.

The following picture was taken by WBro Adrian Lindop.

Left to Right Front:- WBro Adrian Lindop (WM), WBro George Jones, WBro Peter Hanlon.

Left to Right Back:- Bro Simon Harrison, WBro Sebastian Daly, WBro Keith Roden, WBro Michael Pennington.