Sacotias Lodge No. 1357 Banner Dedication at Altrincham Masonic Hall

We  had an impressive Banner ceremony overseen by WBro Martin Richard Barlow AGPM on Wednesday 25th March at Altrincham Masonic Hall.

On the evening we we witnessed WBro Philip Royston Jones Provincial DC, faultlessly performing an integral part of the ceremony.

Bro. Olawale Peters, from the lodge, did an excellent job carrying the banner at the correct height. He must have muscles of steel. Olawale is the tall brother to the right of the worshipful Master just in front of the banner in the picture below.

Afterwards we enjoyed a very convivial and friendly festive board.

20150325 - Sacotias Lodge 2c

WBro Peter R Gallimore (Master) was surrounded by WBro Martin Richard Barlow AGPM, WBro Timothy Capner Prov SGW, WBro Michael Keightley Prov JGW as well members of Sacotias Lodge.