The Annual Area 3 Prostate screening session was held at Altrincham Masonic Hall on Saturday morning, 18th February. The screening team from Leighton Hospital are supported by Cheshire Freemasons and were on hand to take blood samples from the 136 brethren and male relations and friends who attended. The team slogan is ‘Save a Dad’.

Quick and easy, two brethren give their blood samples

The increasing number of attendees bears testament to the fact that as a group, Freemasons are becoming increasingly aware of the wisdom of submitting to regular tests for what is the biggest cancer killer of men in the UK.

As well as the usual blood samples, brethren were able to provide a urine sample which will be sent to ‘Medical Detection Dogs’ a research charity that is establishing the link between trained sniffer dogs and the ability to detect some cancers from chemicals found in urine. The charity’s patron is HRH the Duchess of Cornwall.

Results of the PSA blood test is sent directly to the person who has been tested and informs them whether they have a normal reading or a raised reading which may require some intervention.

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WBro Colin Ross (left) and WBro Brian Mayoh (right) with members of the team from Leighton Hospital