Northwich Lodge No. 428 – Another New Initiation – 20th November 2017

Bro Ian MacDonald, WM of the newly formed Northwich Lodge, lead a well-rehearsed team to initiate Mr Andrew Duncan John Macmaster into Masonry.

This newly amalgamated lodge comprising of the Lodge of Sincerity no. 428, Semper Fidelis Lodge no. 3453 and Sinceritas Lodge no. 4934, continues to grow from strength to strength.

The lodge was granted a dispensation to hold this extra meeting to initiate Bro Andrew due to the heavy load of masonic activities over the next few months.

The newly initiated Bro Andrew is in the centre with Bro Ian MacDonald, WM, on his left surrounded by some of the members of Northwich Lodge.

After the meeting WBro Michael Shiels re-represented the first part of the Cheshire mentors pack to Andrew, the initiate.

Left to Right: – WBro Keith Brooke PPrJGD, Bro Ian MacDonald (WM), Bro Andrew Macmaster (Candidate), WBro Michael Shiels (Lodge Mentor) PPrJGD.