North Cheshire Haven Lodge No. 4939 – WBro Cyril Robinson and WBro John Ishmael 50th

WBro Nigel Cooper, PSDG, PAPGM, WM of North Cheshire Haven Lodge opened the lodge in due form and gave 3 heart felt eulogies for masons called to higher service – the RWBro Timothy Richards, PPGM, WBro Maxwell Millward Leese, PSGD, PAPGM and WBro Nigel O’Callaghan PPrAGDC, who was a lodge member.

WBro Nigel then gladly vacated the Chair of King Solomon to allow RWBro Alan Glazier, PGSwdB, DPGM to conduct the interesting masonic histories of both WBro Cyril Robinson, PPrJGW and WBro John Ishmael, PPrGSuptWks.

The WM, WBro Nigel Cooper, thanked RWBro Alan Grazier for his attendance at the lodge and particularly for performing an excellent dual ceremony.

The lodge then retired to the social board so that WBro Cyril and WBro John could continue to enjoy their evening.

Left to Right:- WBro Nigel Cooper, PSDG, PAPGM, (WM), WBro Cyril Robinson, PPrJGW , WBro John Ishmael, PPrGSuptWks, RWBro Alan Glazier, PGSwdB, DPGM.

The popularity of these two distinguished masons is evident in the number of attendees at the social board:-