Lodge of Sincerity No. 428 – WBro Derek Wheeler 50th

WBro Michael Shiels ProvJGD, WM of Lodge of Sincerity, gladly vacated the Chair of King Solomon to allow WBro Martin Barlow, APGM to conduct the interesting masonic history of WBro Derek Wheeler.
WBro Martin Barlow, APGM then invested WBro Derek to the office of PProvJGD.
The WM, WBro Michael Shiels presented WBro Derek with a 50th anniversary badge along with a cheque for £500.00 payable to The Tarporley Hospital.
The WM, WBro Michael Shiels ProvJGD thanked WBro Martin Barlow APGM for his attendance at the lodge and particularly  for performing an excellent ceremony.
The lodge then retired to the social board so WBro Derek could continue to enjoy his evening.


Left to Right:- W Bro Martin Cooper, WBro Tim Cross, WBro Jim Holt, WBro Martin Barlow, PSGD, APGM, WBro Derek Wheeler PProvJGD, WBro Michael Shiels WM, ProvJGD, WBro Brian Ward, Bro Ian Macdonald, WBro Ken Hunt, WBro Phil Wild, W Bro Malcom Bryam, WBro David Duane.