Kinderton Lodge No. 5759 – Funds Raised to Support the Purchase of a Mobility Scooter for a Middlewich Local with Multiple Sclerosis

Kinderton Lodge No 5759


Jonathan Johnson received grant funding

from the Cheshire Freemasons Charity and

Kinderton Masonic Lodge members.

The scooter gives Jonathan back his

independence and motivation to fight

his disabilities.


WBro Peter Mayhew, from Kinderton Lodge, worked tirelessly with Walter Grundy to make this happen.

The presentation was made in Middlewich, on the 28th March. 2018 – Kinderton Lodge, within the Province of Cheshire is based at Middlewich Masonic Hall and was delighted to present Jonathan Johnson, with a grant cheque for £1,000 toward the purchase of a Mobility Scooter from Total Mobility Care in Stoke-on-Trent.

The funds were raised through donations to the Cheshire Freemasons Charity by Cheshire Freemasons and the brethren of Kinderton Lodge.

Mr Johnson, age 47, suffers from a particularly progressive form of Multiple Sclerosis. A disease which effects the nervous system in the brain and spinal cord that causes problems with vision, arm and/or leg movement, sensation and balance. He has two young children, Amelia aged 7 and Arron aged 14. Jonathans’ wife Suzanne is his full-time carer.

Walter Grundy, Provincial Grand Almoner for the Province of Cheshire said, “We are delighted to be able to respond to this request for support from the Johnson family. It is incredible to see the impact this act of kindness by Freemasons, can have on someone’s live and family.”

Mr Grundy added, “It is so disappointing that conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis do not receive the same support and attention as other equally debilitating diseases.” Multiple Sclerosis does not qualify for similar levels of state funded support afforded to similar conditions because, it is not recognised as an acutely debilitating disorder, when the reality of Progressive M.S. is very different.

“This grant funding is invaluable to the family,” said Joanne Johnson, Jonathan’s sister. She added, “The mobility scooter will give Jonathan his independence again and, the opportunity to interact with his family, and especially his children, outside of the home.” Mr Johnson’s father, Roy Johnson, was a Middlewich Freemason who sadly passed away in October 2012. It was Roy’s wife Hilary Johnson who introduced her children, Jonathan and Joanne, to the continuing support Freemasons provide to their families.

The Sterling S700 mobility scooter was provided by Total Mobility Care in Stoke-on-Trent. The company went to great lengths for the Johnson Family to ensure that the scooter would be suitable for Mr Johnson’s disabilities.

Walter Grundy presents the cheque to Johnathan Johnson:-

On Walters left is Peter Mayhew and members of Kinderton Lodge and on Johnathan’s right are family member and friends of Johnathan.

Johnathan gratefully sat on his scooter, planning his trip to collect his children from school and take his dog for a walk.

Both of which he has been unable to do for many years. This is a life changer.