Kinderton Lodge 5759 – Another Initiation for a Middlewich Lodge

Kinderton Lodge is carrying on the good work of other lodges in Middlewich with their new initiate, Brother Daniel Andrew Earp.

The Master managed the lodge with expert control and was able assisted by WBro Doug Watts in the ceremony. A faultless rendition of the charge from the North East was performed by WBro Iain Clark.

WBro John Brown then recited an equally impressive Charge after Initiation, with the Working tools presented faultlessly by WBro Gil Warrilow.

An excellent social board was then enjoyed by all and further funds for charities were collected.

20150506 Kinderton Lodge 2cSome of the proud members of Kinderton Lodge.



20150506 Kinderton Lodge 6c

WBro Frank Loftus,Bro Daniel Earp and WBro Geoff Perkin



20150506 Kinderton Lodge 5c


WBro Joe McDonough, Bro Daniel Earp and WBro Iain Lochrie



20150506 Kinderton Lodge 4cBro Daniel Earp and WBro John Brown