John Brunner Lodge No. 2799 – The First Initiation of the New Masonic Season

Wednesday 19th September saw the first meeting of the season for John Brunner Lodge 2799.

In an excellent Ceremony the WM, WBro Rob Dunseith carried out the first of three Initiations for his year with Mr David Russell entering into the Mysteries and Privileges of Freemasonry.

His Proposer, Bro Paul Neal, and as it happens the JD of the Lodge, led him around with a firm hand and presented the Working Tools in what can only be described as an exemplary manner.

Bro Jeff Burgess (JW) rounded off the evening by delivering the Charge after Initiation, his first time with this exacting piece, and a fine job he made of it too.

The Festive Board was well attended, full of banter and enjoyed by all with a Dutch Auction raising £150 for the Charity Pot.

The WM has a busy time ahead with two more Initiations and two Raisings to conduct prior to him Installing his successor in February 2019. He has already conducted two Passing’s prior to the Summer recess so is the rare position of having a Ceremony for every meeting of his year.

Left to Right :- Bro Tim Nelson (SW), Bro David Russell (Initiate), WBro Rob Dunseith (WM) and Bro Jeff Burgess (JW).

Left to Right :- Bro Paul Neal (Proposer), Bro David Russell (Initiate), WBro Rob Dunseith (Seconder)

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  1. Hello
    I want to join Freemasonry I did a search and did not get a result. Can you help me and thank you

    1. Hi Mohamed,
      What would you like to know?

      Giles Tweedy.
      Communications Officer (Area 3 South) – Province of Cheshire.

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