John Brunner Lodge No. 2799 – John Brunner Claim the Travelling Ashlar

On Monday 11th December John Brunner Lodge 2799 (Middlewich) sent a delegation of thirteen members to claim the Travelling Ashlar from Sanbec Lodge 8787 in Sandbach.

Having read the rules of engagement John Brunner were sure that they would be able to take the Ashlar back with them to Middlewich and despite a half-hearted attempt by the Sanbec WBro Paul Morris (WM), to retain custody it was handed over at the Festive Board.

It should be noted that this hand-over took place 11 years to the day that WBro Andrew Rigby PSGD, PAPGM originally presented the Ashlar to the WM of the Lodge of Independence 721 back in 2006.

The Master of John Brunner WBro Rick Bradfield, was pleased to accept custody and issued an open challenge to any Lodge in Area 3 or 5 to visit and stake a claim under the rules of engagement.

John Brunner were pleased to carry out this raid, in part, as a welcome to Sanbec Lodge to Area 3 following the Area restructuring that has recently taken place.

It was also pleasing to note that a large contingent of Area 3 Officers and Assistant Officers were present and were introduced at the Festive Board.  With visitors attending over and above the John Brunner contingent it proved to be a most enjoyable evening with a 2nd Degree Ceremony, complete with Tracing Board, followed by a lively Festive Board.