John Brunner Lodge No. 2799 – Installation of Bro. Rob Dunseith

On Saturday 24th February Bro Rob Dunseith was installed into the Chair of King Solomon in John Brunner Lodge 2799.

The Installing Master, WBro Rick Bradfield, installed Bro Rob in an admirable fashion. WBro Rob ran the 2nd half of the Ceremony in an exemplary way.  This was the first instance of Rob’s expertise which will be observed on future occasions during his mastership.  No pressure then Rob.

During the Ceremony the Lodge presented cheques to the charities as follows: –

  • £110 for the TLC
  • £3,500 for the Cheshire Freemasons Charity
  • £500 for the Stroke Society.

WBro Peter Carroll, (Chair of the CRC Trustees), being presented the CFC cheque by WBro Rob.

Left to Right: – WBro Mike Coles, PAGStB, WBro Rob Dunseith (WM), WBro Peter Carroll, PJGD.

The Lodge was well attended with over 80 in the Lodge Room, including seven Grand Lodge Officers (Pictured below) and our Acting Senior and Junior Wardens, Harold Knapton and Andy Bailey.

There was a total of 76 attending the Festive Board.

The Festive Board true to form was boisterous, with £1,500 raised for charitable causes through the Alms Plate, Raffle and Dutch Auction. All in all, an excellent afternoon and evening were enjoyed to the full by all.

Left to Right: – WBro Brian Mayoh, PAGStB, WBro Colin Ross, PAGDC, WBro Chris Eyres PAGDC, WBro Mike Coles, PAGStB, WBro Rob Dunseith (WM), WBro Peter Carroll, PJGD, WBro G Train, PAGDC, WBro Adrian Morgan, PAGDC.