John Brunner Lodge Meeting, Initiation of James Greig on Wednesday 16th November 2016

Bro. James Greig was Initiated into John Brunner Lodge 2799 by the WM, WBro. Tom Browne.

In a faultless Ceremony Bro. James was guided around the Lodge by the Bro. Tim Nelson, with the 1st Degree tools presented by Bro. John Gooding.

WBro. Rick Bradfield invested James with the distinguishing Badge of a Mason using the long version of the explanation of the 1st Degree Apron.

Bro. James then received the Charge after Initiation from the Bro. Rob Dunseith in grand style.

The WM was assisted in the Ceremony by WBro. Dave Palin and WBro. Andy Bailey.

Following the Ceremony, the Lodge Mentor, WBro. Keith Howbrigg presented Bro. James with the Introduction to Freemasonry Folder, along with the 1st Degree Ritual Book.

The Ceremony was followed by a most enjoyable Festive Board, made even more so with the number of visitors attending.


Left to Right:- WBro Rick Bradfield  PPrAGStB, SW, WBro Tom Brown WM, Bro James Greig (Initiate), Bro Rob Dunseith JW.