It’s a “Family Affair” at Affinity Lodge 4872


On Tuesday January 23rd the Brethren and visitors of Affinity Lodge 4872 were once again able to witness the Initiation of another Lewis.

WBro Tom Smith PProvDGDC, acting as Junior Deacon on the night, was able to lead his youngest son, Lias Rvalley Smith, throughout the very sincere and emotional Ceremony of Initiation.

The ceremony was undertaken by WBro John Bailey in spectacular fashion and delivered most sincerely, whilst the Working Tools were presented by Lias’ older brother, Bro Thomas Smith (initiated in 2016) who also stepped in at very short notice to act as Inner Guard on the night and did a fantastic job of both. Lias now essentially becomes Thomas’ Brother Brother!!

Three Brother Smiths’ with their WM

Upon Bro Lias’ return to the Lodge, the Charge after Initiation was delivered by the WM, WBro Andrew Steeles after which the newly made Brother was able to be seated in the Lodge much to the pleasure of everyone present whilst the rest of the evening’s business was conducted.

The WM later commented “It was a very emotional night for everyone in Affinity, especially for Tom and Thomas. To be able to witness a Father bringing his son into Freemasonry is something very special but to be able to see it twice in just 18 months is just fantastic, like his brother Thomas, Lias will fast become an essential working member of our wonderful lodge”.

Bro Lias Smith with WBro Andrew Steeles, WM.

Bro Lias Smith is the first of 3 Candidates to be initiated into Affinity this year with the two other ceremonies already lined up for February and March.

With over 40 in attendance, the Social Board was “buzzing” with conversation and laughter. A great night was had by all.