Dane Lodge No. 7640 – Members Support Movember

Cheshire Freemasons Rhydian Burston and his Father-in-law WBro Daniel Archibald, both from Dane Lodge 7640, are supporting Movember to the obvious delight of Rhydians son.

Movember is designed to raise awareness of both prostate and testicular cancer as well as raising awareness of men’s mental health and male suicide.

Through conversation, uniting through the moustache, men make a bond and are made more aware of the killer diseases.

It all started in 2004 in Australia, then in 2007 it came to Great Britain. It is now worldwide with some high-profile supporters. This event during November is to inspire conversation, reduce the stigma of talking about problems and keep grand dads, dads, brothers and sons around longer.

You can support Rhydian via his just giving page at mobro.co/13847014  and together lets “Stop men dying too young” is the slogan – we couldn’t agree more

There are 5 rules to Movember:-

Pictured here is Rhydian before and after a full shave in readiness to start this months mustach:-

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