Clarendon Lodge No. 1166 – 150th Anniversary and Curry Night

On Thursday 22nd March WBro Derek Scott hosted the 150th anniversary celebrations of Clarendon Lodge.

On opening the Lodge WBro Derek Scott ProvSGD received WBro David Victor Dyson DepProvGM, accompanied by WBro Gary Raymond Horstman AsstProvGM, WBro Ronald Adrian Davies AsstProvGM, WBro Simon James Palfreyman AsstProvGM, WBro Simon Christopher Lea Richardson AsstProvGM and a host of Grand Lodge officers and acting Provincial officers.

WBro David Dyson was proffered the gavel by WBro Derek Scott in allegiance to the province of Cheshire. WBro David declined but commented that WBro Adrian Davies may take the chair of King Solomon later in the evening.

WBro Derek continued with the ceremony and then proffered the gavel to WBro Adrian Davies who accepted it, to the great relief of WBro Derek Scott.

WBro Adrian started the history of the lodge and then passed over to WBro Graham Monaghan to cover in detail of the events in the lodge over the last 50 years.

This is a copy of the 150 years history:-

Clarendon A Short History v1.0

A charity cheque of £150 was then presented to WBro David Victor Dyson who then retired with his distinguished guests.

This is the presentation of the 150 year certificate, which has been signed by the Provincial Grand Master Stephen Blank, to WBro Derek Scott:-

Left to Right:- WBro Ronald Adrian Davies AsstProvGM (Area 3), WBro David Victor Dyson DepProvGM.

Left to Right: – Bro Gurnam Singh, WBro Arminder Sohal PProvAGStB, WBro Soshil Rawal  PProvJGD, Bro Reice Ramsey (SW), WBro Derek Scott ProvSGD (Berks) (Master), Bro Sajid Hussain (IPM), Bro Zaki Aziz (JW), Bro Ian Browne, WBro Rick Bradfield PProvAGStdB, WBro David Benson PProvAGDC (Tyler).

The evening continued into a very enjoyable curry evening at the social board.