Clarendon Lodge 1166. Initiation of Mr Abdul Ismail Polli

Whilst Storm Doris raged outside and brought travel chaos to the country, the harmony of Clarendon Lodge 1166 was not at all disturbed as Mr Abdul Ismail Polli was initiated into the lodge at Sale on Thursday evening, 23rd February 2017. Clarendon Lodge was founded in 1867 and celebrates its Sesquicentenary (150 years anniversary) this year although the celebratory meeting will be held on 22nd March 2018.
Mr Polli who is a Legal Consultant and who resides in Ashton on Ribble was very ably initiated by the Worshipful Master Sajid Hussain.

WBro Sajid Hussain, WM and Bro Polli

All the Lodge members pulled together to give Bro Polli an excellent ceremony of initiation which he will always remember before enjoying the social board following closure of the Lodge.
Clarendon Lodge is on something of a roll at this time as at the meeting on Thursday; another candidate was balloted for and is due to be initiated at their next meeting in March.

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