At their last convocation of the season on Tuesday 24th May 2016, Chapter of Harmony No. 4390 meeting at Sale exalted their newest Companion.

WBro Dan Harris, a member of Lodge of Harmony No. 4390 and the son of EComp Peter Harris , PProvGSwdB, was exalted into the Chapter by E Comp Clifford Balmer, MEZ.  The acting Principal Sojourner for the ceremony was E Comp Steve Leigh, PProvDGSwdB, who as a family friend has known the candidate “since he was in short pants”!

E Comp Peter Harris, Comp Dan Harris, E Comp Clifford Balmer,MEZ and E Comp Stephen Teare,APGP.
EComp Peter Harris, Comp Dan Harris, EComp Clifford Balmer, MEZ and EComp Stephen Teare,APGP.

Representing the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent was EComp Stephen Teare, PGStB, the APGP for Area 4.  The convocation also saw a joining member admitted to the Chapter, EComp Christopher Crowson, formerly of Steadfast Chapter No 5960.