Bredbury Lodge 6497 claims the “Lost Apprentice”


On Tuesday 23rd of January 2018, Affinity Lodge 4872 in Altrincham, was visited by a contingent of Brethren from Bredbury Lodge 6497 wishing to lay claim to “The Lost Apprentice”.

The Brethren of Bredbury Lodge, led by Bro Russell Chesney as the “Claiming Officer”, made their claim before the First Rising after witnessing the Initiation of Bro Lias Rvalley Smith, carried out by WBro John Bailey, in a fantastic show of ritual.

The evening was capped off with a wonderful Social Board where the brethren enjoyed each other’s company filled with great conversation and plenty of “Masonic” banter.

It’s a historic moment for Bredbury Lodge as they become the first lodge in Area 4 to lay claim to the Lost Apprentice as it continues to make its’ way around the Province, bringing lodges together and promoting friendship and fidelity. It will continue to be “Mentored” until claimed by another lodge soon.

The photo from left to right is as follows:
WBro Paul Mayes (Affinity 4872)
WBro Ray Howarth (Affinity 4872)
WBro William Woolley (W.M. Bredbury 6497)
WBro Reverend Barry Jobber (Provincial Grand Chaplain)
WBro Ian Bailey IPM (Bredbury 6497)
WBro Andrew Steeles WM (Affinity 4872)
Bro Lias Rvalley Smith (Affinity 4872)
Bro Russel Chesney (Bredbury 6497)
WBro Phillip Darragh (Bredbury 6497)
WBro John Bailey “hiding” (Affinity 4872)
WBro Roy Heneage (Affinity 4872)
WBro Sid Swindells (Affinity 4872)
Bro Simon Brown (Affinity 4872)
Bro Bogdan Tronac (Affinity 4872)
WBro Jeff Briggs (Affinity 4872)