Brethren from Area 3 travelled to London on Saturday 11th March on an organised trip to visit Grand Lodge at Great Queen Street. On an organised tour, they visited the Museum, robing rooms and the Grand Temple.
The tour which was conducted by a guide revealed some fascinating facts about the building and the Craft. The tour concluded in the exhibition which is running throughout this tercentenary year which contained many ancient relics and artefacts and which had the Grand Masters Throne of 1791as its centre piece.

Brethren from Clarendon Lodge by the 1791 Grand Masters Chair.

This throne was made for the election of George, Prince of Wales (later George IV) as the Modern’s Grand Master in 1790, the first Royal Prince to hold that position. It seems that the Grand Master of 227 years ago was quite a big man!
A few members of the public accompanied the group on the tour and were so impressed that one gentleman asked WBro Brian Mayoh how he could join. Suffice it to say that Brian has his details!

Some of the Area 3 brethren in the 300th anniversary exhibition area at UGLE.