Area 3 – Mentors Conference – Saturday 11th April

On Saturday we had the first of the many Mentors conferences to be held in the Individual Cheshire Areas.

This one was held at Tabley House just outside Knutsford and was well attended by enthusiastic mentors from our Area 3 lodges.

This was a fitting place for the meeting having strong ties with Cheshire Masonry, with the family providing 3 Cheshire PGM’s

The Knutsford masonic hall ‘Leicester Warren Hall‘ was donated by Lt. Col. John Leicester Warren in the 70’s and has grown to be a successful meeting venue having the added advantage of the lodge room being on the ground floor for easy access.

20150411 - Mentors Meeting at Tabley House 1c

We all met up in the tea room at 09:00 with a welcoming coffee/tea and pastries.





20150411 - Mentors Meeting at Tabley House 2c

WBro Michael Shiels (Area 3 Assistant Mentor) welcomed us all to morning meeting.








20150411 - Mentors Meeting at Tabley House 3c

The presentation was opened by WBro Richard Antipas (Area 3 Mentor).







20150411 - Mentors Meeting at Tabley House 3cWBro Ian Smith the new Provincial Grand Mentor the presented his views and vision on how the

mentoring in Cheshire should be progressed.




The seminar is aimed at all Lodge Mentors and Secretaries but any brother with an interest in Masonic mentoring is encouraged to attend as well as any mentees wishing to further their understanding.

Mentoring seminars afford an opportunity for the Provincial Grand Mentor and the Area Mentors and their Assistants to support and guide Lodge Mentors as well as receive feedback from Lodge Mentors and mentees on their experiences.