Area 3 – April 2015 Meeting – LWH Knutsford

A very enjoyable meeting was held at Leicester Warren Hall in Knutsford on Wednesday 15th April 2015,  chaired by WBro Adrian Morgan and his team.

This vibrant meeting discussed openly a number of issues and this successful meeting demonstrated how we can all work together for the common good.

WBro Richard Antipas covered the well attended Area 3 Mentors meeting at Tabley House last Saturday and pointed out that we have in excess of 12 new candidates joining masonry at this very moment across our lodges in Area 3.

WBro Giles Tweedy reminded all those present that if lodges would like to advertise future masonic events in Area 3 they should contact either John Williams (Communications Officer for Area 3), or Himself (Assistant Communications Officer for Area 3) and we would be more than happy to add the event to the Provincial Website.

These are the minutes of the meeting:- Area 3 Minutes 15 04 2015

20150415 - Area 3 Meeting 1c

The Area 3 Board Members









20150415 - Area 3 Meeting 2c

20150415 - Area 3 Meeting 3c