Affinity Lodge 4872 claims the “Lost Apprentice”

On Friday 6th of October 2017, De Sala Lodge 5657 in Sale, was visited by a contingent of Brethren from Affinity Lodge 4872 who meet at Altrincham and wished to lay claim to “The Lost Apprentice”.

The Brethren of Affinity, led by Bro Thomas Smith as the “Claiming Officer”, made their claim after witnessing the Raising of Bro Mark Benson, carried out by their Worshipful Master, WBro Dr. Hakim Sanane, ProvGStwd, in a fantastic show of ritual.


Bro Thomas Smith of Affinity Lodge claims the ‘Lost Apprentice’ from WBro Dr Hakim Sanane, ProvGStwd, WM of De Sala Lodge.

The Evening was capped off with a wonderful Social Board where the brethren enjoyed each other’s company filled with great conversation and plenty of “Masonic” banter.

Affinity’s claim could not have come at a better time as they head into the new season, having three Candidates for Initiation in January, February and March 2018 as well as three new joining members in November 2017.

The Worshipful Master of Affinity, WBro Andrew Steeles, said “It’s a really exciting time for all the Brethren of our Lodge and, by claiming the “Lost Apprentice” and Mentoring him, it makes us mindful of all the help and guidance we received when first joining the Craft and points out the need to remain respectful of our Junior Brethren, to nurture and encourage them on every step of the way through their Masonic journey”.

The Lost Apprentice is already being “eyed up” by another Lodge in Area 4, so it will not be long before it is claimed once again and more lasting friendships are made.


Left to right, Bro John Preston De Sala, WBro Ray Howarth Affinity, WBro Andrew Steeles Affinity, Bro Mark Benson De Sala, Bro Jeff Jones De Sala, Bro Thomas Smith Affinity, WBro Hakim Senane De Sala, Bro David Crossling De Sala, WBro John Bailey Affinity, Bro Paul Allman De Sala, Bro Mike O’Brien De Sala, WBro Brian Mayoh (Area 3 Secretary), WBro Tom Smith Affinity.