A Lewis Honours the Fallen at Middlewich Cenotaph

Bro Pat Steward age 21, had the honour of presenting the wreath at Middlewich cenotaph on Sunday 8th November 2015.

Pat was supported by numerous Masons in the procession starting at the Middlewich Royal British Legion Hall on Lewin Street.

20151108 - Cenotaph 2c

Pat Steward (Holding the wreath)

20151108 - Cenotaph 1c

Clockwise from the left, Colin Ross (Provincial Grand Charity Stewart), Adrian Morgan (Area 3 Chairman), Kevin Dickens (Area 3 Treasurer)

20151108 - Cenotaph 3c

Local Masons and their partners

20151108 - Cenotaph 7c 20151108 - Cenotaph 8c

Local Masons with their partners in the procession to honour our armed forces and their sacrifices

20151108 - Cenotaph 10c 20151108 - Cenotaph 13c

The long procession winds its way to the Cenotaph outside Middlewich St Michaels and all Angels Church

20151108 - Cenotaph 14c

Initial respectful tributes

20151108 - Cenotaph 19c 20151108 - Cenotaph 20c

Pat Stewart presenting the wreath on behalf of Masons of Middlewich

20151108 - Cenotaph 22c

Each wreath represents Institutions and people of Middlewich

20151108 - Cenotaph 25c 20151108 - Cenotaph 26c

The final return procession to the British Legion Hall.