Wirral Lodge embraces the ‘Members Pathway’

On Friday the 8th February 2019,  the Assistant Provincial Grand Masters Gary Horstman and Adrian Davies attended Wirral Lodge No:2496, who meet at Clifton Road, Birkenhead, and witnessed the Presentation of the Members Pathway by the Provincial Membership Officer WBro Tony Carss.

At the end of the Presentation, WBro Tony Chaired a Q&A session, which lead to an interesting array of Questions, Discussion and Answers, which invoked a lot of thought and reflection, and put the Lodge on the pathway of honest and constructive self appraisal and profiling, by which means the necessary steps can be taken.

Wirral Lodge , which is one of the oldest Lodges on the Wirral, is now officially a Pathway lodge, and is celebrating its 125th Anniversary on the 8th of March this year. The Lodge will celebrate the occasion by performing a Third Degree Ceremony, and would welcome any visitors who may wish to attend and witness its ladder of ‘Light Blues’  undertake the Ceremony.

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