When a Father becomes a Brother

On Wednesday 6th February 2019, Minerva Lodge hosted a very special initiation, when Bro David Edge (jnr), who is the Lodges Junior Deacon, assisted to initiate his Father David Edge (snr) in a well attended meeting.

The guests including WBro Gary Horstman, APGM witnessed a near flawless and sincere ceremony, which was enjoyed by all.

WBro Horstman congratulated both of the Brothers Edge, before remarking how it was possibly, for the first and last time, that a father would take instruction from his son.

To add to the confusion, the Secretary may now have a little problem now, in not only having two Bro David Edges in the Lodge, but being compounded by the fact that one of the honorary members shares the same name, and who was present of to support his namesakes, although (perhaps luckily on this occasion) none of them won the ‘name on an envelope’ raffle.

Minerva Lodge, only a short time ago, was a Lodge concerned about its falling membership numbers, but now is recovering well, and attracting suitable new candidates, and looks towards the future with a fresh optimism.

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