WBro. Ron Meakin’s Celebrates  50 Years as a St Mary’s Mason

On Wednesday the 4th of April 2018, WBro. Ron Meakin Celebrated 50 years as a Freemason in his Mother Lodge St Marys, which meets at Queen Street, Chester.

WBro. Gary Horstman (APGM Area 2), who was supported by Ten Grand Lodge Officers, and a deputation from Provincial Grand Lodge, which included both Acting Wardens, who were pleased to have joined the other guests, who attended  the Lodge, which was full to its capacity, to help celebrate Ron’s remarkable achievement.

Those present were treated to a precise of Ron’s Career both private and Masonic, which was quite an inspiring story. Starting off from quite humble beginnings in Luton, WBro. became one of the Directors at the De Havilland Aircraft company, in which position he met amongst other people Douglas Bader, and had his own chauffeur at one point.

The APGM was more than pleased to promote WBro  Ron to the rank of PPrSGW to mark his achievement and humility. His outlook on life was best summed up by his Son-in-Law, WBro Steve Jones who in giving his toast to Ron, mentioned the story of his own son, who had asked Ron about when he had a chauffeur assigned to him, to which his response was  “It’s better not to think of what we have done in the past, but to think of what we can do in the future”.

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