TLC Bears assist at the ‘Hospice of the Good Shepherd’

The Hospice of the Good Shepherd, is based at Backford near Chester, and as one of its services, it offers a counselling service to the Children and their loved ones, who come to use the facility, at what is a very difficult time for all.

The Province of Cheshire has, to assist the dedicated staff at the Hospice, provided a supply of TLC Bears to hand out to the often distressed children, of all ages, from three until the late teens who may require counselling. Help and support, either individually or as a small group, through what must be a difficult and often bewildering time, The TLC was pleased to deliver the first batch of bears, to the staff, via the Area 2 APGM Gary Horstman and Chairman John Miller.

After being shown around the facility, which had previously benefitted from the kind donations for various works by the Cheshire Freemasons, WBro’ s Gary and John where introduced to the child counselling and care team. They also met young Poppy Ann, who is currently being looked after by the Team, and who was very happy to receive the first TLC bear, as pictured above (which she insisted had to be red to match her top).

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