The ‘Lost Apprentice’ is Claimed

Phoenix Lost Apprentice
Left to Right: WBro J Johnston, WBro M Ring, WBro M Davies (WM Centenary) Bro J O’Halloran, WBro W Griffith (WM Phoenix) and Bro J Doyle

On Saturday 10th October 2015, Centenary Lodge No 5896, was visited by a contingent of Brethren from Phoenix Lodge No 3236 wishing to lay claim to ‘The Lost Apprentice’.
Prior to the claim Phoenix Brethren were treated and witnessed the ‘Initiation’ of Bro Bryan Edward Mathews, in a memorable ceremony.




Phoenix Lodge then made its claim when three ‘light blues’, led by Fellowcraft, Bro John O’Halloran.

Bro O’Halloran assured the brethren of Centenary Lodge, that ‘The Lost Apprentice’ would continue to be mentored until another claim was made.