The Future is looking bright at the Lodge of Dignity

On Tuesday 27th February, The Lodge of Dignity No: 6867, were pleased to ‘Initiate’ its latest Candidate, Bro. Chris Chapman, in a meeting attended by WBro. Gary Horstman (APGM), accompanied by Grand, Acting Provincial and Area an excellent and well rehearsed Ceremony, with all officers performing their respective sections very well.

The Lodge is looking forward to a secure future, as well as Bro Chris, they have another three Entered Apprentices and one Fellowcraft. With a further two Candidates having also been proposed, and a further two expressing firm interest, they are looking to be quite busy for some time to come.,

The assistant Provincial Grand Master welcomed Bro. Chris to the Fraternity, and congratulated the Lodge not only on the quality of the Ceremony, but the work of the Team which was predominantly “light blue”, and with having such a healthy outlook with the experienced members guiding and standing aside for the newer Brethren.

At the Festive board Bro. Chris was drawn the third prize in the ‘Spot the Maul’ Raffle, and managed to win the £10,00, which we are sure will be reinvested in the next draw.

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