Talking Heads – Charing Cross Lodge, Birkenhead.

On Thursday 1st November, E Companions Philip Rowland (2nd Provincial Grand Principal), Richard Dobbing (APGP – Area 2), David Williams and Stephen Christian (APGP – Area 1) , attended the meeting of Charing Cross Lodge No 4913 to support the demonstration team who presented Talking Heads.

The team consisted of E Companions WBros. Steve Simcox, John Lacey and Simon Kirkby. The Lodge meeting was attended by approximately 50 Brethren. The playlet is intended to introduce the Royal Arch to non-Royal Arch masons and to encourage and stimulate the interest of those already in this beautiful Order.

The playlet features two Masons who ‘act out’ the roles of a fairly new Master Mason and an experienced Past Master, who is a member of the Royal Arch. It was received with great enthusiasm by those attending and WBro/ E Companion Rowland spoke after the demonstration to further educate those present. The meeting was followed by a lively and enjoyable Festive Board.

Left to Right – WBro John Lacey (Demonstration Team), WBro Steve Simcox (Demonstration Team), WBro Jaime Calland (Acting SW), Bro Chris Fairfield (WM), Bro Simon Porter (JW), WBro Phil Rowland (2nd Provincial Grand Principal), WBro Simon Kirkby (Demonstration Team)

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