Prostate Screening Area 2

Area 2 Prostate Screening

W Bro Adrian Davies with one of the volunteers for the PSA tests 2016
W Bro Adrian Davies


On Saturday 29th October, the Prostate Screening tests were carried out at Ellesmere Port Masonic Hall.

This was open to all and approximately 135 men were tested on the day.

Both W Bro Adrian Davies, APGM for Area 2, and W Bro George Mann APGM for Area 5 were both in attendance, as well as the Area 2 Chairmen John Miller, and all were delighted with the turnout on the day.

The results should be back with those who were tested soon and hopefully, due to the annual testing regime, it is hoped that more brethren will come forward for testing to enable Prostate cancer to be detected at a much earlier stage, improving survival rates.



W Bro George Mann at the PSA screening 2016
W Bro George Mann 

W Bro John Miller at the PSA Screening 2016
W Bro John Miller