Phoenix Lodge & Area 2 – Support ‘Maggies’

On Friday 27th April, Julie and Nick Champion (Member of Phoenix Lodge) hosted a ‘Maggie’s Kitchen Table’ Event raising £950.00. £5.00 bought you Tea/Coffee and a piece of cake, and was well supported by Masonic Brethren, Friends and members of the public. Nick and Julie are the proprietors of The Shrewsbury Lodge Hotel in Shrewsbury Road, Oxton, Birkenhead.

Madam Mayoress, Councillor Ann McLachlan, and her Consort, Husband Bill, graced us with their presence. The Photographs show WBro. Neil Eaton setting the scene with Bro. Nick Champion and his wife Julie alongside Madam Mayor. Standing between Madam Mayor and her Consort is Sasha Mathias, Centre Fundraising Organiser at Maggie’s, Clatterbridge. At the time of the photoshoot the amount raised was at that time only £500.00 but rose to the sum of £950.00 by the end of the event.

Sasha Mathias informed those gather that Maggie’s was now seeing 300+ through their doors on a daily basis, offering Comfort, Friendship and Support along with Health and Emotional Welfare.

The final photo shows Sasha with 2 actual cheques. Phoenix Lodge and Area 2 both supported the event with donations of £150.00 each.

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