PGM welcomes their newest member at Minerva Lodge

On Wednesday 7th February,  the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro. Stephen Martin Blank, accompanied by the DPGM WBro. David Dyson, Area APGM WBro. Gary Horstman and no less than 7 Grand Lodge officers, together with 12 Acting Provincial Officers, and a further 25 or so Visitors were pleased to attend Minerva Lodge, to witness and enjoy the ‘Initiation’ of their newest member Bro. Christopher Gainer, in what was an excellent and enjoyable ceremony.

Minerva Lodge No: 2433 were more than pleased to welcome the PGM to the Lodge, in this his annual visit to a Lodge from each area, and the lodge donated a cheque, to the value of £250, to the CFC, which was gratefully received.

The Lodge was enjoying a resurgence, and had previously Initiated three Candidates the previous year, with a further two lined up behind Cheshire’s newest recruit Bro. Chris, who suitably responded to his toast

At the festive Board, the Provincial Grand Master welcomed Bro. Chris to the Fraternity, and went on to outline the ways in which Freemasonry is changing, and that as part of being more open to the public, we were now starting to suitably respond to the inaccurate and misleading claims being issued by some sections of the Press, and that in the next few days we would see the continuation of the more positive and open message regarding the relevance of our order in today’s Society.


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