Peninsula Lodge and ‘The Alamo’

At the April meeting of Peninsula Lodge No:5914, which meets at Clifton Road, the Brethren of the lodge and guests were entertained by two presentations.

The WM Chris Collins firstly delivered a very interesting lecture on the Alamo and its Masonic connections, including the Valour Honour and Dishonour of the participants and the significance of a prosthetic leg in Springfield.

This was followed by an interesting Lecture by Area MMF representative Phil Hunt which was equally well received.

At the Festive board WBro Dave Perkins gave a talk on the ‘Spot the Maul’ draw and the support that this has already raised, which then inspired the Brethren to contribute a quarter of the numbers of the next, the Sixth Draw.

The Lodge Charity Steward then held the Lodges infamous ‘Chorley Raffle’ raising over a further £100.00 for the Lodges Charities.

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