New Candidate for County Palatine Lodge

On the last Wednesday in March 2018, The County Palatine Lodge, No: 6856, initiated Mr Robert Rigge, on what was a ‘masterclass’ in Masonic Ritual, performed by the Master and his Team.

The Area 2 APGM, WBro. Gary Horstman, accompanied by no less than 7 Grand Lodge Officers, Including VWBro.  Alan Powell (DPGM North Wales) and WBro. John Miller (Area 2 Chairman), were all pleased to attend, and welcome Bro Robert as Cheshire’s newest member.

The Lodge, which Tyled at 4:00pm, also proposed a further candidate for ‘Initiation’ together with two Joining Members, on what was a very enjoyable evening, which concluded with an earlier than usual festive board, allowing the members to leave at about 8:00pm.

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