Minerva Lodge ‘Initiate’ a New Brother

On the evening of Wednesday 4th April 2018, Minerva Lodge, No: 2433, ‘Initiated’ Mr. Christopher Ian Lowe into Freemasonry.  In a dignified Ceremony, the D/C, W.Bro. David Perkins took on the role of J/D and conducted the Candidate on his journey.  W.Bro. Paul Brumfitt, assisted the W/M by doing the Master’s work with great aplomb.

It was a team effort with the I/G, Bro. David Edge, presenting and explaining the ‘Working Tools’. Finally the Ceremony was capped off with the IPM, Derek Longman, delivering the ‘Ancient Charge’.

If the Ceremony wasn’t enough, then it was completed with a superb Festive Board. The whole evening was enjoyed by the Lodge Members and a large number of guests who gave their support.

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