Mersey Lodge – Mr Aiden Mulligan ‘Initiated’

On Thursday 12th of April, with immense ‘Pride’, Bro. Robert McStein watched whilst his step-son, Mr. Aiden Mulligan, was initiated into Mersey Lodge No: 477. The Ceremony, attended by the Area 2 APGM WBro. Gary Horstman, and a small delegation of Provincial Officers.

WBro. Ian Ebbrell took the ‘Chair’ for the Ceremony and ‘Initiated’ the Province’s Newest Member. The Ceremony was well performed by the entire team, on what was a very enjoyable evening, with a themed Festive Board, the first of many planned for the Lodge this year.

The Worshipful Master was pleased to present WBro. Horstman with a donation of £200.00 for the CFC, on the first meeting following the Installation, this was a very generous contribution by the Brethren.

The proceedings where further enhanced by the Musical Brethren, including Bro. Bill Bennett on the Piano and WBro. Nigel Piper, who lead the singing of the entered Apprentices song, and WBro Colin Billington, who delivered Rudyard Kipling’s Poem “At My Initiation”, before handing a copy to Bro Aiden.

The APGM was also pleased to make the fifth draw for the ‘Spot the Maul’. The evening was then rounded off by the presentation of a Birthday Cake to the Worshipful Master.

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