Gerald Edwards 50 Years in Masonry

On Thursday 7th of February 2019, at Queen Street Masonic Hall, Chester, Worshipful Brother Gerald Edwards Celebrated 50 Years in Masonry, at Loyal City Lodge No: 4839.

The Ceremony attracted Masons from as far afield as Devon and North Wales, with a total of 57 Masons present, to witness the Presentation delivered by our APGM Worship Brother Gary Raymond Horstman PSGD APGM.

The celebration inside the Lodge Room concluded with Gerald being Promoted to PPrGSwdBr and being presented with a brand new regalia case by the Lodge.

The Festive board was a happy affair, with plenty of conversation between the local Masons and our Brother’s form Devon.

Gerald and his friends from Devon finished the evening with a few drinks at the Mill Hotel in Chester.

 A great day for a great Mason.

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