Double Passing at St Anselm Lodge

On Tuesday 27th March, St Anselm Lodge, No: 5166, passed Bros P Gill and Pickering in a packed Lodge room with over 60 Lodge members and Guests present.

The Guests were treated to an exceptional ‘Second Degree’ Ceremony by the Master and his Team, with the candidates playing their part, having learnt the necessary answers before the ceremony got underway.

The Lodge also welcomed WBro. Ron Evans, (Provincial TLC Officer), WBro. John Miller (Area 2 Chairman), who suitably responded and Bro. Phil Hunt (Area 2 MMF), who all enjoyed a relaxed and convivial Festive Board in the company of the Lodge

There was a great enjoyment by all present both in the Temple and at the Festive Board, which had a superb mix of decorum, ritual and as importantly fun, and it’s not hard to see why the Lodge continues to thrive, and be so well supported.

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