Cheshire Masons contribute to Steve’s Story Fund

Steve McGrath has MS, his family and friends have been raising money to send him to Mexico for Pioneering Medical Treatment; see Steve’s story on

(photo shows W.Bro David Perkins on the LHS with Steve, his wife and children)

On Friday 17th February 2017, representatives from Minerva Lodge 2433 presented a Cheque, in the sum of £500.00 from the Province of Cheshire, £250.00 donated by Hoose Lodge 9920 and an anonymous donation of £50.00.

In addition, in December 2016, a further £900.00 was donated by the following Lodges;

Minerva Lodge 2433 –  £300.00
Minerva Chapter 4615 – £250.00
Belgrave Lodge 5711 – £250.00
Marlowe Lodge 6506 – £50.00
Anonymous – £50.00