Burns Supper raises £700.00 for Charity

On Friday 26th of January, Stanlow Lodge and James Thompson Lodge, and the Lodge of Dunblane organised a Social Event to celebrate Burns Night in Traditional Scottish style to raise money for the Lodge Charitable causes.

The 93 Guests were treated to an interesting evening of entertainment, including 5 Pipers, 2 Drummers, The Wirral Pipe Band and the Scottish Brethren were supported by WBro. Archie Peat, who gave the Selkirk Grace, and his own well researched and unique perspective on the Immortal memory. WBro. Gareth Butler, who having spent many months learning it, delivered an exceptional performance of the Tam O’Shanters.

Our Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro. Gary Horstman, who was attending another Lodge that evening, popped in to give a toast, and although he couldn’t stay, certainly entered into the spirit of the event.

Overall some £700.00 was raised for the Lodges Charities, which is being split equally between the Lodges, and a sum of £150.00 was also raised for the TLC by raffling “Barnie McPhee” the TLC bear who was then re-donated back to be raffled on another occasion.

The evening also raised £187.00 for the Area 2 , Clifton Road, ‘Spot the Maul  Draw’, the first  draw for which will take place at the ‘Area Masters and First Principals Dinner’ on Wednesday 31st January.

Whilst it’s hard to pick out individuals to thank, our thanks must go to Nick Wootton who is our ‘resident pianist, Joe Richardson, who played guitar as a member of the ‘Scottish Fab Four’ with renditions of Killo’crankie, and the Star O’Rabbie Burns, the numerous Masons form Thermopylae lodge who assisted, and our D/C Peter Kellett, who made sure the evening ran well, as well of course, Paul Allan and Ronnie McPhee from the Lodge of Dunblane,  for their annual support .

The celebrations continued into the wee hours……………………………..

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